Best Credit Card in India

Use Your Credit Card for Online Purchases to Avail Cashback Offers

A credit card is a useful financial tool that allows a cardholder to make purchases on a line of credit. Its web-based counterpart is like a virtual credit card online, which enables you to pay for your online purchases using a one-time credit card number. This is used for security reasons so that hackers or deceitful merchants are unable to access your sensitive data. 

To make an online purchase using an online credit card, you need to choose a payment option as a credit card. Then you will be required to provide some basic details like your name, credit card number and the address registered to your card, after which the payment will go through.   

Best Credit Card in India

Using an online credit card for purchases gives you an opportunity to avail amazing cashback offers. This means a percentage of the transacted amount will be reverted back to your account. The amount varies from one retailer to another. 

How to benefit the most out of cashback offers?

These are some of the best ways to maximize your benefits:

  • Accumulate cashback: Instead of redeeming the cashback offers on each purchase, you can choose to accumulate the offers and utilise them for big ticket purchases. This helps you save a great deal of money especially if you shop regularly.  
  • Choose the right credit card: It is essential that one chooses the right type of credit card properly to avail the best cashback offers. For example, one can get a 5% cashback and up to Rs. 1,000 on the down payment amount when one purchases products through Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard on EMI. You will further receive 20,000 RBL credit card rewards points as a welcome gift.

Moreover, this choice should also be based on one’s spending habits and purchase schedule. If one is loyal to one or more brands, it is advisable that one searches for a credit card that offers cashback on that particular brand.

  • Search for the right product: If you already have a credit card, then it is logical to proceed to the next step. Look for the right product or brand that offers you the most cash back with the credit card you have.  

Cashback offer details: 

There are usually some conditions that come along with such offers. These conditions are usually different for various financial institutions offering cashback. Some of these terms are listed below:

  • When you get a cashback, there is a maximum amount which you can avail. This amount depends on the leniency of the financial institution. 
  • To avail cashback offers, one needs to have their mobile number registered with the card. 
  • Sometimes there are offers just when you pay for online purchases using your credit card for a certain number of times. However, there can be a specified minimum amount of purchase in order to be eligible for cashback offers. 
  • The cashback amount is generally credited within 45 days after the transaction. 

Availing cashback offers is especially helpful and beneficial for consumers who shop regularly with their credit card online. With the introduction of such web-based systems, the process of applying for a credit card has become easy with the online application process. 

To apply for a credit card, you will be required to procure several documents at the time of application. NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv make this process simple with the integration of the online application process through relevant websites. They even bring you pre-approved offers that make availing such loans quick and easy. Pre-approved offers are available on numerous financial products like credit cards, home loans, personal loans, business loans, etc. You can check your pre-approved offer by providing your name and phone number. 

The redemption of these cashback offers are usually hassle-free and are credited to our account in a short period of time by most financial institutions. While making a purchase with a credit card online, reaping the most benefits out of these cashback offers should be a buyer’s primary motive. 

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