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Used vs. New Point of Sale Systems

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Point of sale systems is essential tools for many businesses to operate successfully in the modern economy. However, depending on which provider you work with, these systems can be costly upfront investments. You may see a used CloverFlex, for example, and think you’ve scored a good deal. Are used systems really worthwhile, however? Below is some information on new vs. used POS systems.

Is a Used System Such a Great Deal?

It is no secret that many businesses fail within their first five years of operation. This often means that they sell off their equipment, including point of sale systems. For a new business, this can appear to be a great deal and a good way to save some money while getting started. However, the deal may not be as lucrative as it appears.

The point of sale systems isn’t just the hardware. You also need a license to use the software on the equipment. Most of these licenses are non-transferable, so you will need to pay the system provider for a license.

Even if you are able to avoid this, you will most likely be dealing with outdated hardware and software. That may not sound like a problem but there is a high chance that anything that hasn’t been updated recently is not PCI compliant. There may also be security vulnerabilities. Both of these issues can put your business at risk.

In many situations, a user point of sale system is more costly than it may appear. That isn’t even considering the possible lost sales from limited payment options. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a great deal if you know what you’re looking for.

How Can You Save Money on a Point of Sale System?

One option for saving money on a point of sale system is to buy a refurbished one from a provider. This is usually at a discounted price without the drawback of needing to update or get a new license because all that is handled by the provider. For example, rather than a brand-new Clover 2, you could buy a refurbished one and still enjoy all the benefits of a new system at a lower cost.

Additionally, some providers will offer free equipment. After all, they want you working with them and using their payment processing. While you may not be able to get all the equipment you want for free, you may be surprised by how much merchant services providers are willing to offer.

One of the great advantages of working directly with a provider is that you can get all the latest features. For example, if you run a salon, you could get a Booker Clover with built-in appointment scheduling functionality to help streamline your business. That is a significant advantage over an outdated, used POS system.

Get Started

While that used point of sale system may not be the deal it appears to be, there are still some great ways to save. With the right provider in your corner, you can get your business set up with a top-end, modern POS system without the huge upfront investment.