Using Automation in Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Over all these years, technology has improved significantly and it’s been named as one of the most important driving forces of the world. It’s needless to say that with this improvement in technology, automation trends have been on the rise. With automation, the businesses have been able to increase productivity and performance.

On the other hand, the rise of social media has been increasing with each passing day. There is an array of social media platforms available for the users but there are only a few of them that have managed to captivate the user’s attention. One such user-enriched social media platform is Instagram.

With each passing day, the daily Instagram user base is increasing significantly. Given this higher user base, the number of businesses are Gain Followers on Instagram for the marketing purposes. However, by combining Instagram and automation, people can yield positive results and productive outcomes. In this article, we have added different techniques through which people can automate the Instagram marketing strategy for better outcome.

Find & Follow New Accounts

Automation has been designed to optimize better results for the businesses and when it comes down to Instagram, automation is an amazing tool. Instagram has an array of automation bots that are designed to meet diverse needs of the users. These bots will help people enter the hashtags and the accounts that you want to follow. Once you enter those details, the bots will handle everything like perfection.

After the information has been added to the bots, the business accounts will start following the accounts. There are high chances that if you have entered the hashtags, the automated bot will help follow random Instagram accounts as well. However, these bots keep it in certain numbers, so there is no suspicious activity from the account.

Posting Schedule

When you are handling the Instagram profile, you need to ensure that you are posting the content on the right time. The Instagram page owners need to understand that their user base is active at a certain time and if they intend on improving the engagement, you need to know this time. This time can be outlined from the page analytics.

Once you know the time analytics, you’ll know the right time to post the content so there is a higher engagement rate on your profile. There are multiple automation tools that will help post the content on scheduled time without any hassle. These tools will work on everything regarding content posting, so you can focus on other important areas of business.


When you are running an Instagram page, people tend to comment on your posts. As a business who wants to create an interactive and personalized experience, you need to reply to all those comments. However, there are multiple instances where you’re handling more important things and cannot comment back. So, in all those times, you can use the comment bots as it will help commenting back to the users. Even more, you can set the limit for comments daily to ensure there are no suspicious activities portrayed on the account.


When on Instagram, giving back to the competitors and followers is essential. This is why you need to like their posts as well, so you don’t come off selfish. However, if you don’t have the time to like the other’s content, you can opt for the automated likes tool. This tool will increase the number of likes.

Direct Messaging

When you are running a page on Instagram, you need to ensure that you’re available for the user base. There are high chances that you’ll come across a wide range of messages, asking for queries. So, if you’re receiving the direct messages and don’t have the time to reply back, an automated direct messaging option will be available. You can set the reply to ensure there are robust replies to the users and consumers.

Focus on Content

You can use as many automation tools as you want. You can reply to the comments and direct messages all you want, like their posts, but if you aren’t focusing on the content, it’s not going to do any good. While creating content, make sure it is engaging and alluring.