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Vinyl vs Wooden Windows: Which One To Choose From?

Wooden Windows

Wooden windows have lost its crown to vinyl since the material is a good substitute and has high sales value. Vinyl replacement windows prices are also lower when compared to the wood ones. Although replacement windows are available for all materials, vinyl is highly preferred. This doesn’t mean that wooden windows are out of fashion. Both the materials are used for making windows that give a decent look and compliments the characters of your home.

However, there are some major differences between vinyl and wooden windows.

  • Core-

Vinyl windows majorly consist of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) of high quality. Other than that, some metals and some portions of plastic are used for the sash mechanism. On the other hand, wood windows are generally wood on the inside that too typically pine or Douglas Fir. The exteriors of the windows are wood covered with either aluminum, PVC, or fiberglass.

  • Variations-

Vinyl windows are often termed as white windows. Vinyl windows are often either white or tan-colored because having dark and rich colors that do not fade away is hard for vinyl manufacturers to achieve, and if also they do, they cost more than the regular ones due to the same reason. On the other hand, wooden windows have the advantage of having the inside frame of the windows of natural wooden color, if desired. Apart from that, exteriors and interiors of the windows can be painted according to any desired color.

  • Maintenance-

Vinyl replacement windows hardly need any painting or sealing. The material is composed in a way that it comes permanent, and thus, very little maintenance is required in that department. As far as wooden windows are considered, windows with wooden exteriors need regular painting and sealing. However, wooden windows with aluminum cladding don’t require to be painted.

  • Insulation-

Vinyl is a fair insulator since it is a poor conductor for temperatures. Apart from that, vinyl windows are often hollow, so the cold hair has to pass through hollow spaces. However, wooden windows are excellent insulators. Wooden windows stay unaffected concerning the temperature outside, which makes them a great energy saver.

  • Cost-

Labour excluded, the cost of vinyl windows, and the vinyl replacement window prices are about 25% cheaper than that of wooden windows. Vinyl windows are cheaper than wooden windows in every corner of the world. Coming to wooden windows, they are costlier than vinyl windows, and the law of demand and supply could be blamed for the same. Since the wood is extracted from natural resources and also because a very less number of companies manufactures purely wooden windows, the cost of installing a wooden window is higher than that of a vinyl window. However, wooden windows tend to add a classy vibe to the room they are installed in.

  • Appearance-

Vinyl windows can provide you a satisfactory appearance if not a classy one. However, with the addition of other colors apart from white and tan, it has climbed up a few ranks in the appearance department. On the other hand, wooden windows give an authentic appearance to your room. They keep the interiors stained or natural, and the wood grain visible. Vinyl cannot top this. However, when it comes to appearance, both the window types can grant you house a decent look depending upon your choice of furniture and other interiors/exteriors.

  • Turnaround-

Vinyl windows are easily available so it can be obtained on schedule easily. On the other hand, wooden windows are manufactured by a handful of suppliers, and therefore, it can be a tad slower to obtain them on schedule as compared to vinyl windows.

  • Resale Value-

Wooden windows have a better resale value than vinyl windows. However, if looked at individually, both vinyl and wooden windows have decent resale values and could be easily accepted to be resold.

So, all in all, both vinyl and wooden windows are aa good options. Both the materials have their upside and downside, and we have spelled it out for you so that you know everything there is to know about these windows and henceforth make an informed decision as to which window to choose for your house. However, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution with less maintenance and installation cost, you should go for vinyl, and if you’re looking to add character to your house irrespective of the installation and maintenance cost, you should go for wooden windows. If you’re looking for a window that gives you good returns when you sell your house, wooden windows can be helpful. However, vinyl windows have a good resale value too though less than that of wooden ones. You know everything now, so choose your windows wisely!