Want to increase business revenues? Incorporate Instagram marketing strategy today!

In the event that you are a new businessman who is just starting out on a new business venture, you will need to understand the fact that making a successful business career will depend entirely on your business promotion outreach. You will need to spread the awareness among people about your business, the type of products and services that you provide and how you are different from everyone else. In order to be successful, doing this, it is essential that you use the internet to make a strong presence for the business brand online. An online presence lends credibility to your business venture and makes it more trustworthy for customers. One of the best ways of being able to do this is by using Instagram, the small social media application that has taken the world up by a storm. This article will outline to you why you should use Instagram for promoting your business.

Why should you use Instagram?

Instagram is a mobile-only social media application. It is exclusive only to smartphones, although there is a desktop version of the pp available it will not allow you to upload posts. Instagram is today the world’s second most popular social media platform. Ever since the company first came into being in 2011, the social media app has grown and developed exponentially by leaps and bounds. Today, there are more than 500 million Instagram users worldwide, with almost a million people joining the platform every month. Instagram has an active monthly user base of almost 60 million people.

Every day almost 100 million posts get made on Instagram throughout the world. And every minute registers around 8000 interactions on Instagram posts in the form of likes, comments, and shares. Thus, you cannot be thinking of ignoring Instagram at all. A lot of businesses marketing campaign strategists understand the fact Instagram has the power to make your local business turn into a global brand because of this immense popularity that it enjoys. And it is for this reason; it is essential that you have an official business account on Instagram.


Instagram is basically a photo sharing application where users could share photos from their day to day activities with their friends and the entire world. However, it has evolved in its usage from that. Today, people can see photos and videos of their favorite brands and also discover new products on Instagram. The number of likes and comments that it generates will also make it clear if the brand is any good or not. Instagram provides a visual tool for marketing; people can see the products and how it can be used with their own eyes. Thus, it will not be required to write elaborate textual notes in order to give out the exact product specifications and details of the business products. Business marketing has become increasingly brief and concise with the help of Instagram. The more Instagram likes you can gather, the more quickly you can achieve the successful results.

How can you use Instagram for your business purposes?

  1. Upload beautiful photos of your business products: This is quite obvious, since Instagram is a photo sharing application primarily, show you must share more and more photos of your business products. This function will be more useful if you are a businessman who deals with selling some tangible physical products.

Like, for instance if you are the owner of a fashion retail line, or you are the owner of a restaurant line or any other business which has physical products to sell, you can upload pictures of your best fashion products and apparels, or your best food items and dishes on Instagram and have it viewed by hundreds and thousands of people worldwide. This will help your business outreach quite a lot. You need to upload high-quality photos from the best possible angles of your products and then upload them to Instagram in order to make them look alluring to the users. Remember the idea is to make your products look so beautiful that they will entice the user to purchase them; however, you must avoid putting up any misleading photos at all costs. Because that will give your brand negative publicity and people may not trust your products ever again if word gets out that you provide fake information to sell your products.

food items and dishes on Instagram

  1. Use hashtags: The most crucial aspect of your Instagram business marketing strategy would be to use hashtags. Hashtags will improve the visibility of your products and make your posts easily discoverable by a large number of people. Hashtags are like keywords for your posts. You need to do thorough hashtag research before you start using them. You need to find out what are the most popular hashtags in your specific business industry and niche and use them. You can also think of creating a unique hashtag to help create more brand awareness of your products. You must be using an optimum number of 5 to 6 hashtags per post. Do not use more than that as that will make your posts appear like spam. Also, you need to check out the hashtags that your competitors are using in order to get a better understanding of what the market demands are.
  2. Schedule your posts: While it is important to upload your content on Instagram as frequently as you can, but at the same time, it is essential for you to maintain some balance. You must not be posting all the time, because that will make your posts clutter the feeds of your followers. You must post a maximum of two posts on Instagram every day. And you must schedule those posts either early in the morning before 9.30 AM or during the evening at around 7.30 PM; this is the time when people use Instagram and check their feeds mostly.


Using Instagram efficiently can help to promote your business venture. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.