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Want To Set Up A Netgear Range Extender Using Mywifiext? Read This

Netgear WiFi range extenders are of great use if we want to extend the wireless range of our existing router all over the house without any buffering in watching videos or signal breakage. But, prior to using a Netgear WiFi range extender, we need to first set it up with our existing home WiFi router using an Ethernet cable.

For easy configuration, WPS (WiFi-Protected Setup) is the best and for manual configuration (web-browser setup) mywifiext (local web address) is used.

Mywifiext net setup: Configuration of Netgear WiFi range extender

For new extender setup, we have to go through mywifiext.net setup page i.e. the web-browser setup. For this, we have to connect a computer or laptop to the range extender (wired or wirelessly) – open an internet browser and type mywifiext into the field of the browser’s address/URL bar.

1.  To connect a computer or laptop to the Netgear WiFi range extender using a wired connection, an Ethernet cable is used. 

2. To connect a computer or laptop to the Netgear wireless range extender using a WiFi connection, Netgear_Ext (default network name) is used.

Demystify steps to follow on mywifiext net extender setup page

After typing mywifiext web address into the field of browser’s address bar, not into the search bar, www-mywifiext-net new extender setup (web-browser setup) screen will come up. After that, we have to carefully complete the fields on the displayed page and click on next. 

  • 1. Now, we have to verify that the Access Point (AP) or Extender switch is set to Extender. 
  • 2. Once verified, click on the continue button. 
  • 3. Afterward, we have to select our router’s WiFi network to extend. 
  • 4. Once selected, click on next. 
  • 5. Now, in the Password/Network Key field, we have to type our existing router’s password and click on the Next button. 
  • 6. After that, we have to set the network name (SSID) and password (passcode) for our Netgear WiFi range extender and click on Next. 
  • 7. Now, we can connect our WiFi-enabled device to the new extender WiFi network using the newly created extender SSID and password. 
  • 8. Prior to clicking on continue, we have to ensure that our WiFi-enabled device is connected to the Netgear extender properly.

Once we see a message confirming that our range extender is successfully connected and ready, we have to click on the Next button.

Afterward, when a registration page displays, we have to click the registration fields carefully and click on Finish to complete the mywifiext.net new extender setup process using mywifiext.

Last and final step of mywifiext

The place we choose must be within the range of our existing WiFi router. Now, our Netgear wireless range extender is configured successfully. We can now enjoy the extended range of internet all over the house.

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