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Web Design Mistakes that can Cost your SEO

Web Design Mistakes

When we design a website, we shouldn’t only keep the audience in mind but also the SEO factors that can hurt our design. Since the website is the key to win your audience’s trust in you so you can’t afford to keep your website down the successful traits. 

Therefore, it’s important to know the web design mistakes that can hurt your website and decrease its ranking. So, if you own a website and get no results on the search engines then check it for these mistakes.

  • The Most Important H1 Tag

Have you ever noticed the visible H1 tag on the home page that makes the home page enticing?

Well, it’s not only good for beauty but also for SEO. When you include the SEO keyword in this tagline, it increases the ranking on your website and makes it easy for the search engine bots to crawl over your website.

Additionally, when a customer opens your website, they are willing to learn about you and that tagline is the best option to introduce your business to them. 

  • Heavy Images & Videos 

There’s no doubt that images add to the beauty of websites. But if you include too much heavy images and videos, you will slow down the speed of your website. And a loading website doesn’t help in retaining customers to your site. 

While you upload images on your site, perform a slight test using Google PageSpeed Insights Test. It will guide either the images are good for your site or too heavy to load.

With that test, you can further optimize the images using Image compressor tools, resize, compress them and reload on your website. Same goes with the videos if the animations are taking too long to respond then cut it out if it isn’t necessary.

  • Summing up Everything in an Image

This is the most popular mistake designers make on the website and suffer the consequences, especially in the header. From H1 to Call to Action and subheadline, if you all put together in an image then search engine crawlers won’t read your website the way it should be read.

It’s not only bad for SEO but can also hurt the responsiveness of the design on smartphones. So, instead of including everything in an image, work on creating different sections for your website, which is separate headline, CTA, menu and background image.

  • Long and Unformatted Content

Content and SEO go hand in hand. To attain good SEO results, it’s important that you should work on creating SEO driven content. The long paragraphs and content without keywords can hurt your SEO. 

The tip is to write short and compelling, highlighting the features and use bullet points to break the content. Don’t overwhelm the home page with words. Instead, create a balance between your content and design with white spaces,

It won’t only boost your SEO but will also increase the readability of your website and give your visitors the reasons to stay on your website. 

  • Not Making the Design Responsive

60% of your audience views your websites through mobile and if it’s an eCommerce site then you will receive a major part of your traffic through the smartphones. 

Responsive design not only entails your SEO but will also attract the traffic coming through phones. Therefore, it’s a good SEO practice to optimize your website according to the screen sizes.

Also, search engines won’t rank your website if it finds out that your website is only supported by the desktop view and not of mobiles. If you can’t optimize all the pages, then work on the home page only and optimize it to the mobile views, so users aren’t carried away when they visit your website. Also, look to buy dedicated servers so you can stay on top of the security for your web.


SEO for your website is as important as the description of the products on your eCommerce website. If you don’t pay heed to SEO and social media marketing strategies, then you resist your growth and make it challenging for your business to expand.

If your small business website comes across these mistakes then you should focus on correcting it and making it effective for your website.

If you need more help, feel free to add your questions in the comments section below.