What Does Self Propelled Mower Mean

The size of your lawn decides what type of mower will be suitable for its maintenance. Traditional push mowers are great for small lawns because it requires your physical power to move. On the other hand, a self-propelled mower takes help from technology to give you labor free yard mowing. Moreover, a mower with self-propulsion complete the grass cutting process faster.

Let’s know how a self-propelled mowing machine works and why it might be the best for your property.

How Does a Self Propelled Lawn Mower Work

Self-propelled mowers utilize a basic drive shaft that connects its motor to the wheels. Once you start the lawnmower, its self-propulsion becomes active to move the vehicles without seeking any physical power. Some of these mowers are front or rear-wheel drive while the high-end models use all the four wheels for movement.

Self-propelled mowers come with single and multiple speed transmission. Variable speed is useful for most of the users so that the mowing process can be completed according to their walking style.

To engage the self-propulsion, you need to squeeze the bail bar near the handle. Once you release the handle with its lever, the mower stops immediately. A high-quality self-propelled mower comes with a highly responsive bail bar, which is helpful as you navigate or turn the machine. These features are standard, but the functionality differs according to the make and model of a mower.

Type of mowers

The self-propelled mower is one version of walk-behind lawn maintenance machines. Overall, there are three types of mowers available to purchase.

Manual push mower: These lawn tools need your muscle power to move. Manual mowers are generally lightweight. Such machines are suitable for small to medium-sized properties. For instance: Einhell GC-HM 30comes with a cutting width of 30 cm and a decent 16-litre grass collection box.

Self-propelled mower: As we were discussing, self-propelled mowers come equipped with a drive system. Hence, you don’t have to apply any effort to move the mower. Instead, you only need to walk behind the machine for guidance. Take a look at Hyundai HYM430SP.

Riding mower: Perfect for large lawns, riding mowers are similar to your car. You simply have to take the driving seat and start mowing without much effort. However, riding mowers are the most expensive among all and they also consume a high amount of fuel.

Cordless self-propelled mowers

While browsing for self-propelled mowers, you will see their cordless versions as well. These models use a rechargeable battery instead of gas, but the mowing experience differs. Let’s know-how.

In case of a gas-powered mower, the self-propulsion will consume more fuel. Apart from that, you will not find any difference because these machines are ideal for independent movement. On the other hand, battery mowers struggle once you engage the self-propulsion. A cordless with a powerful battery will cut the grasses and move the mower. However, it will consume the battery quickly.

So, using a battery-operated mower for larger areas is not recommended. Charging the mower and cutting the grasses is easy. But, what if you have to repeat the same process multiple time to cover a significant piece of land?

You will also notice that cordless self-propelled mowers with variable speed settings don’t show any pace even at the maximum throttle. It happens because the battery is not capable enough to cut the grasses and propel the wheels at high speeds. It’s the reason why you should not spend a high amount on self-propelled electric mowers.

When to invest in a self-propelled mower?

If you have a lawn larger than 1 1/2 acres, then self-propelled mowers are suitable. No matter if the land is mostly flat or hilly. Go for a riding mower only if you own a piece of land bigger than an acre.

Some of the experts suggest that a self-propelled mower should be used over an area of ¾ of one ace. However, it’s not a big area for physically fit users. Yes, if you are a senior citizen or someone with mobility problems, then go for a self-propelled lawn maintenance machine even if you have a small yard.

Takeaways Many users enjoy self-propelled mower because they don’t have to push anything heavy. Moreover, such a machine works well over large and uneven grounds. So, if you own a small lawn that has some awkward areas to over, then also you can try a self-propelled mower.