What is Swapalease and how does it work?

What is Swapalease and how does it work?

Car leasing is quite popular because you want a new vehicle every 2-3 years. Though the millennials and the Gen X generation kids do not like the way of transportation, it is still one of the most preferred automobiles. Car leasing is now popular and it is much reasonable than getting a brand new car.

Today, we are going to explain about something great which you have probably never heard before: exiting your car lease and selling it to others and you can enter into their car lease. It is something unheard of and unusual, isn’t it?

Though the car leasing undergoes a huge process where you select the car you think can fit your budget, the terms, and conditions with it and also the monthly lease payment. According to financial experts, the car lease is best for you if you are choosing to use it in such a way that it runs over 12000 miles per year. If it isn’t the case, then you are doing yourself financial harm. Hence, if you ever want to change a car lease you are not interested in and you think you have no way and continuing it, then take a look at Swap-A-Lease.

What is Swap-A-Lease?

This is the marketplace for those people who want to transfer their lease to another party and exit it with zero penalty fees. They can enter into someone else’s lease of their own choice. How cool is that?

Swap-A-Lease is the first and the full-service online place where their primary goal is to make the customers exit their current lease and find another lease that is comfortable for them.

Other questions answered

You can either be a seller or a buyer on this platform. As a seller, you are someone who has an in-process lease The leasing company you have taken a lease from offers lease transfer and they can also use Swapalease to sell their lease. Next, if you have any questions about whether your leasing company offers lease transfers, you can contact them and ask. You can also be a buyer on this online platform. You can look for a good value lease contract and take short term leases. There is no such policy of ‘swapping’. It is just that each vehicle you see on the site is offered for as an individual concern. The transactions are completely managed separately. Yes, you can be a lease seller and a lease buyer so that you can take full advantage of the website, you can have the account on the website and you are good to go.

Why Swap-A-Lease?

Your vehicle can get all over the country exposure and it will be seen by thousands of people who are interested in lease buyers. The whole platform is bent upon walking you through the transfer process with the leasing company. It will assist you to find a lease buyer and guide you through the process.

How does Swap-A-Lease work?

1. Create an account.

 You need to create an account and become a verified user of the platform. You should also make sure that your lease is eligible for Swapalease. You need to include some important details like the year of the vehicle, the make, the model, the lease company, your name, email id, contact number. Most of the leases qualify for transfer so do not worry about the eligibility.

2. Create a listing on the site

Once you know that you have created a listing, you can include the relevant information such as the advertisement, the vehicle features that are required to know, the remaining miles in the lease and the number of months in the lease. You can include the monthly payment of the car lease, the photos of the vehicle, the detailed personal description of the vehicle, etc. The listing you create on the site will be there as long as you have sold it or bought something.

3. Transfer the lease

This site has huge traffic in terms of customers each month. An expert can help you complete the transfer process. You have to just transfer the documents provided by your leasing company and then hand over the keys to the lease buyer. Hence, your transfer is complete and you are out of your misery.

Final thoughts

It is important to note that this marketplace service is not free. You can purchase different packages and you can decide how many bells and whistles are wanted on the listing. You have the Swapper’s club package, the standard membership. This is the best way to help you come out of the lease you are unhappy with. Even if there is a change in the financial conditions and for some reasons you cannot go on to pay the lease, this Swap-A-Lease could be your answer.