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When is The Heart Bypass Surgery Essential for You?

Heart Bypass Surgery is made to get relief from the symptoms of CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) and angina. This operation can help you to get relief from chest pain, fatigue and taking regular medicine and increase the work power of your body and enhance your health stability. Heart Bypass Surgery in India cost is fewer fora low-risk procedure when there is no history of heart attacks. But, the person who has had a heart attack previously or who has cardiovascular problems, there is a little chance for a heart attack during the surgical procedure.

Heart Bypass Surgery


When the arteries are being clogged by the deposition of fat on the inner walls of the arteries, the heart muscles do not get sufficient oxygen. The Heart Bypass Surgery is essential for the person who suffers from severe angina, the pain which initiates when the heart muscles do not receive sufficient oxygen. Angina is caused by CAD, the main reason for the heart disease. The coronary arteries on the heart surface carry out the oxygen-rich blood to the myocardium or heart muscles. A continuous supply of oxygen is essential for the heart muscles through the coronary arteries to pump the blood. When the coronary arteries are blocked, the heart muscles fail to get enough oxygen. There are two types of blockage of arteries. One type of blockage can develop slowly and make partial blockage of the artery. At this, angina or chest pain can cause due to insufficient oxygen to the heart muscles. The other type of blockage can develop quickly. The complete blockage of artery results in the death of heart muscles due to the deficiency of oxygen. This condition is called myocardial infarction or commonly called heart attack. The most common reason for partial blockage is the deposition of cholesterol or fat on the inner walls of the coronary arteries. The procedure of gradual deposition of fat which causes the hardening of the arteries is called atherosclerosis. The deposition of fat or plaque gets into the large and main branches of the two coronary arteries and makes the restriction to the blood flow through them. Ultimately, the arteries become blocked. Plaque can develop the formation of blood clots which is known as thrombosis.

Heart Bypass Surgery

Treatment method

Heart Bypass Surgery is an open-heart process. The operation is made under the general anaesthetic procedure and the surgeon makes an incision downward position of the chest’s centre and makes the division and the separation of the sternum. The connection is made through the tubes which are attached to the heart and heart-lung machine which provides the help for the supply of blood with oxygen. Blood is pumped from the chamber of the heart to the machine and then return to the body to continue the circulation procedure. The regulation of blood pressure, breathing, and temperature are essential to make the surgical procedure. The grafting of vein and artery are made to join the aorta to the coronary artery and the procedure of bypass of the blocked part of a coronary artery to flow the oxygen-rich blood to the heart. When the grafting process is over, the heart-lung machine is removed. The surgeon rejoins the sternum with wires of stainless steel.