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Which Marble Worktop Is Right For Modern Kitchens?

Marble Worktop

You cannot ignore the brilliance of marble, no matter which type you prefer the most. Homeowners can choose the marble according to its color, design, and pattern that suits their interior and lifestyle.

Marble is symbolic of luxury and hence, comes with a hefty price tag. Regardless of its high cost, this worktop material adds value to any property. Thus, marble is worth every penny spent on it.

This natural stone is quarried from various geographical regions across the world and transported to factories for cutting into slabs, tiles, mosaics, and pavers. Marble occurs in a wide range of tones and colors, along with various veining intensities and patterns. It also comes in multiple finishes, but homeowners prefer its polished finish the most.

Although marble is available in various types, the most popular and best marble varieties are Carrara Marble and Calacatta Marble Worktops.

●        Carrara Marble

Carrara marble London is the most common variety of marble. Therefore, it’s least expensive compared to other marble types. It boasts a greyish white base with feathery, delicate grey veins on its surface. The pattern of threads on the surface is soft and linear to add subtle essence of luxury into any interior. Many homeowners prefer white Carrara marble worktop due to its delicate appearance that can make any space appear livelier. Moreover, this marble type is budget-friendly that most of the homeowners around the world can afford.

●        Calacatta Marble

Unlike Carrara marble worktops, Calacatta marble is the most expensive type of marble. That makes it the rarest kind and hence, valuable. Calacatta stone is also mistaken as Carrara marble because of similar color and vein patterns. But specific distinct characteristics set both these varieties apart.

For instance, Calacatta marble boasts a dark and thick veining pattern on its bright white surface. On the other hand, Carrara white marble worktops possess intricate grey veining pattern.

Calacatta marble listed as the most superior variety in the marble hierarchy due to its rareness. It is possible in the form of pavers, slabs, and tiles. It’s also easy to pair this marble with any color combination—however, most people who select this marble stick to subtle white tones.

Calacatta marble also comes in a gorgeous gold hue that adds a lavish touch to any living space. That makes a perfect option for those who want to add a touch of chicness and opulence to their interior.

Here’s a small list of different types of Calcutta marble worktops found in the UK:

●      Calacatta Gold Marble: This marble worktop is an epitome of magnificence and grandiose. This worktop is also visually stunning and brings along a striking gold-tone that adds luxe appeal to any interior. 

●      Calacatta Michelangelo Marble: This marble worktop is ideal for homeowners who want subtle touch in their interior but also a hint of lavishness. It boasts stunning grey veins on the white background that looks amazing with minimalist interior design. 

●      Calacatta Borghini Marble: This is another stunning marble worktop with signature thick grey veins with a hint of gold undertones on the white backdrop. This worktop appears gorgeous in modern kitchen spaces where homeowners want the advice of drama and aesthetic appeal.

Comparison of Different Marble Types

When comparing different marble worktops, there are various factors to consider. If we believe the price, then the rarity of marble determines its cost. For instance, Calacatta marble is costly because of its rare existence. On the other hand, Carrara white marble worktops found in abundance, so these are quite affordable for many homeowners. If a marble stone is too soft, it indicates a large number of impurities and imperfections on its surface.

However, there is no inferior or good quality of marble. You may purchase any marble type depending on your preference, budget, lifestyle, and ability to maintain the installed worktop.