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Why Sample Papers are Important in Preparation for Board Exams

CBSE sample papers help a student’s address issues of accuracy or speed in solving questions. A student gets to practice each topic from the syllabus with the aid of the sample papers.

The coming CBSE class 10 and 12 examinations would be conducted in February March months in the coming year.

The board has gone on to release the sample papers of virtually all the subjects. Of the released lot study material for class 9 CBSE Maths seems to be the most sought out one.

Mostly students have certain queries as far as the subject of Maths evolves as this can be solved by Maths sample papers.

For this, the role of sample papers is important during such examinations. In fact, the board exams are really important for the students as it helps to decide the future course of their carrier.

As a student, you are really anxious about how you can perform in the exam.

Let us now flip through the benefits of study material for class 9 CBSE Maths

Removes fear along with stress

Once you prepare for a sample paper it gives you a fair idea on what you would expect during the exam as students tend to be prepared well enough to deal with the exam.

Mostly the sample paper is based on the actual question paper as you can gain an overview about the type of questions that includes short or long term questions, marks contribution and even the list of most asked questions etc.

Once you practice sample papers you are in a better position to deal with the exam stress and gain a considerable degree of relief.

Helps in terms of preparation analysis

Based on the latest syllabus CBSE question papers are formulated and most important questions from the course are addressed

  • Marking or brief solutions are available with the sample papers that helps the students to analyse on how they have prepared for the exam
  • Once students go on to solve sample papers with answers they have an idea about frequently asked questions that are asked in the exams in the last few years
  • In fact students can go on to tap on the frequently asked questions and work on questions that carry high marks
  • Students need to work on questions that have high marks with marking schemes or solutions to obtain an analysis
  • If anyone asks you for help try to explain things to them in a logical way
  • This could seem to be odd in the list, but this works out to be a universal truth. Once you go on to teach others you are bound to have a better grasp with the subject. Many times when you are studying in a group one of the candidates tends to lack behind. Try to help that person even if that might take a bit longer. It is not about helping anyone but you in the process become adept in the subject. At a fundamental level, it helps you understand that would help you move further in the study of the subject.

No point in penning down the problem of Maths

  • This is a simple one and is a mistake you need to avoid as it is a matter of time. Once you do it you would completely want to erase and get over it. Never would you want to scratch out something and writing anything beside it. The paper is never going to be easy to read and the scratch out can pep up the anxiety level in solving the questions. A clean paper with a nice pen would be an apt requirement in such cases.
  • Last always try to keep your solutions neat or clean and line by line as far as possible. No point to work horizontally as it is going to occupy a lot of paper.

Provides an idea of the marking scheme

If you are a student of class 10 you need to be aware of the marking pattern followed by CBSE board. Once you are aware of the marking scheme followed by CBSE board it helps you prepare better as you can deal with questions that carry more weightage.

To conclude you might have gone on to prepare for the examinations, but how you are going to analyse your preparation for every topic. Just complete your preparation by solving questions with answers from every topic in a host of sections. The entire idea is to solve as many questions as possible.