Why should Call Centres keep improving the Email Channel

Why should Call Centres keep improving the Email Channel?

To keep enjoying the success for a long period of time, it is imperative to meet the expectations of customers. Handling all the customers in one medium is next to an impossible task. On the other hand, dealing with customers on multiple channels could give a grating experience. That’s the main reason why most of the companies contact a well-known call center in India. With the time, social media channel has gained so much popularity because it offers quick resolutions. Similarly, a voice channel is preferred by most of the customers owing to the personal touch. Apart from these two channels, other mediums are also very important. Nowadays, some BPO firms are overlooking the importance of the email channel. This can take the business towards the downfall because 60% of customers prefer to avail support service via email.

Do you want to know why call centers should keep improving the email channel? Here are few pointers that will help you:

The better survey response rate 

In order to provide prodigious customer service, every reputed call center in India, Australia, UK, etc. send surveys to customers on the preferred channel.From the business’s point of view, surveys are very important to know what customers like about the products or services and what they don’t. However, customers don’t show any interest when they asked to share their valuable response on channels like social media, telephone, etc. This isn’t good for the business’s health. On the flip side, email channel always ensures better survey response rate. This is so because customers mostly check their email inbox during the free time.

 Email Channel

Allows customers to share important docs

Well, the secret behind the popularity of social media channel and messaging apps is the ease of sharing photos and videos. But whenever customers want information in an elaborated manner, they always opt for email channel because it not only allows sharing of important documents but also ensures the security of the sensitive data. Whenever customers share photos or videos of defective products, the agents always come up with the best possible solutions. Consequently, this leads to high CSAT score. To leave an everlasting impression on customers, agents also share product-related videos, photos, and documents. All in all, the email channel allows an easy exchange of information. Therefore, it is suggested to every call center in India, UK, Australia, etc. to keep improving this channel as it can help to win customer loyalty and trust.

Saves money

As far as cost is concerned, the email channel is far cheaper than the voice one. After integrating the email channel into an omnichannel approach, it can be used seamlessly with other channels.  Apart from that, email management software has the feature named as intelligent routing that takes the customer service queries to the most qualified agents. In addition to this, personalization tools, advanced reporting capabilities, and spam filters help in boosting productivity levels. In a nutshell, email channel reduces the operational costs and keeps the customer attrition rate in check.

 Email Channel

Let’s customers communicate confidently

As we know that, there are many channels available where customers can avail the desired support service. Owing to privacy-related issues, customers usually don’t prefer social media channel to share their problems. Voice channel, furthermore, is the most preferred medium but sometimes it leads to disputes. This is so because customers never get the call transcript after the interaction with the agents. On the other hand, the significance of email channel has increased more than ever because it prevents all unnecessary issues that can come out in the near future. The factor that makes email channel more preferable is customers also have the record of interactions like a company. This gives the email channel the upper hand on the telephone one. So, it would not be wrong to say that the email channel lets customers communicate with a company confidently. In addition, this channel also keeps the security-related issues at bay. To ensure a long-lasting relationship with customers, it is suggested to every call center in India, UK, etc. to keep improving the email channel.