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Why Should Enterprises Use Employment Assessment Test?

Written tests, discussions, and interviews are a part of the recruitment process. Enterprises have been using these as tools to measure the skills of candidates for decades. But do you know that businesses still end up hiring the wrong person for the job?

In a recent survey by Career Builder, around 74% of the businesses admitted to having hired the wrong candidates. This tells us that enterprises need to adopt new methods of assessments if they wish to reduce the percentage of a bad hire.

Luckily, a good number of brands have already moved on to using pre-employment assessment tests in an attempt to hire the right candidate for the right job. Considering that more enterprises are following the trend, we can safely say that the tests are, indeed, providing positive results.

What are pre-employment assessments, and how are they used?

An employment assessment test is a tool used to analyze and compare the competencies of candidates to find the best person for the job. The assessment tests are widely varied in nature and cover all bases, including the technical skills for each job or subject to cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, and personality traits.

With as many tests to choose from, enterprises tend to get confused about which test to choose as a part of their recruiting process. Will that be a problem? Not really.

The companies that provide the pre-employment test services help and assist the enterprises in choosing the right kind of test depending on their requirements. But enterprises will need to know what they are looking for. Without this knowledge about their requirements from the candidates, the companies cannot be of much help either. By understanding what factors to assess in candidates, enterprises can decide on the type of test they want to conduct.

The pre-employment assessments help enterprises improve their performance across various domains.

  • Employee Turnover
    • The quality of the assessment will decide the quality of the employee hired. This, in turn, will decide the employee turnover rate.
    • Though the percentage of employee turnover is calculated differently by different enterprises, the underlying fact remains the same. Employees should stay with the organization for a longer duration for the turnover rate to be less.
  • Efficiency
    • Efficiency here is the amount of time an enterprise spends on selecting quality candidates for the job.
    • The pre-employment tests have resulted in reducing the times spent on hiring by around 60%. This has resulted in increased efficiency as enterprises can use the time productively.
  • Experience of the Candidate
    • This can be difficult to measure. When the assessment tests are done the right way, the candidates will have a positive experience and even learn a thing or two in the process.
    • So how do enterprises decide or understand that the assessment test they have chosen leaves a candidate feeling good and not the other way round?
    • The first thing to do is to make the test form interactive and fun. Having the same old plain screens with an endless list of multiple-choice questions is hardly considered interesting.
    • The companies that provide the Employment Assessment Test forms ensure that the enterprises can customize the test forms. Enterprises can only just include questions of their choice, but also change the template, the color combinations, the logos, and other features to make the test form attractive.
    • There is that candidates love to showcase their skills. Enterprises can use this to their advantage. By using the interactive test form, enterprises can include real-time scenarios, audio and video files, etc. to let candidates arrive at a solution.
    • For example, instead of asking which formula would have to be used to solve a problem in excel, ask candidates to solve the problem in excel. The advanced simulation allows the use of various elements as a part of the test form.

Let us now see why enterprises should use pre-employment tests as a part of their hiring process.

  • Skill Gaps
    • HRs are reporting difficulties in hiring capable candidates. They feel that is has become tougher to find candidates who are skilled.        
    • The assessment tests are designed to separate the skilled candidates from the rest. They allow enterprises to identify the best of the lot.
  • Ensure High Employee Performance
    • When an efficient candidate is selected for the job, it will automatically result in higher employee performance.
  • Higher Satisfaction
    • When enterprises hire the right candidate for the job, both the parties involved will be satisfied and happy with the outcome.

Also, enterprises should not rely the resumes and formal background checks conduct to assess the capabilities of an employee. The tests offer the right window to hire eligible candidates.