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Why Staying in Apartments Is Better Than Staying in Hotels

Over the years, traveling has become more accessible and more affordable for people based in the Philippines. From scouring for flight deals to attending budget travel expos, people now have more ways to make their travel dreams come true. Still, even with all these promotions, traveling can still be quite expensive. This is especially true if you’re not wise about spending your money on things like transportation and accommodations.

Perhaps, this is the reason why there has been a recent surge of budget hotels in the Philippines. These establishments don’t have 5-star-quality amenities and rooms, but they’re still quite comfortable and also have modern amenities like air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. Another popular affordable type of accommodation nowadays is serviced apartments, apartment hotels, and apartment rentals. Essentially, these are residential properties rented out to travelers for either short- or long-term stays. If you’re a budget-conscious traveler who needs more convincing, here are a few more reasons to choose an apartment over a hotel.

Ideal Locations

One of the main selling points of apartments and condominiums is proximity to key areas like malls, schools, and transport hubs. For example, North Pointe Residences in Quezon City is only a short distance away from Trinoma, SM North EDSA, and the MRT North Avenue Station. Meanwhile, Alcoves Apartments in Makati is located in the CBD near the Greenbelt Malls and a variety of dining destinations. Staying in apartments, therefore, puts you right in the middle of the action. This is perfect for business travelers or tourists who want to be in easy access to everything they need.

Bigger Spaces

Apartments are more spacious simply because they’re primarily designed to be long-term residences. Compared to the rooms you’ll get in 5-star or even 3-star hotels, you’ll get a lot more space with apartments for a lower price. This is especially beneficial if you’re traveling in groups. Speaking of groups, you also likely don’t have to pay extra for one or two more guests sharing the apartment. Just clear it with the owner first (they may also have rules on how many people can stay), and make sure that you keep things clean when you leave.

A Kitchen

Another bonus to staying in apartments is that you’ll get a functional kitchen and if you’re lucky a roomy fridge. If you’re only staying for a couple of days, it may not matter as much. However, if you’re staying for longer, that kitchen is a blessing. You can cut down considerably on your food expenses by shopping for ingredients (remember those nearby malls?) and cooking them on your own. Travelers who are vegan or vegetarian or those with special dietary requirements will also benefit from an apartment with a furnished kitchen. Not all restaurants can accommodate your needs, so being able to prepare your own meals is a huge bonus.

More Privacy

Of course, you’ll still be in a building with other tenants. However, staying in an apartment can still give you a bit more privacy than hotels. For example, there would be no housekeeping staff roaming around and knocking on your door in the morning (did you forget the “do not disturb” sign?). What’s more, you can come and go as you please in an apartment without the feeling of being watched all the time. If you’re having something delivered, there’s no need to go through a strict policy. Finally, because an apartment is a residential space, you can feel a little more at home compared to generic-looking hotel rooms.

Reliable Wi-Fi

It may be for brand recall, it may be for security purposes—whatever the reason, hotel Wi-Fi systems that require you to log-in with a username and password then disconnect after an hour or so can be quite annoying. This might not be too much of an issue if you’re only using the internet connection for casual browsing on social media. However, if you’re using it for work, it can be a huge bummer. Apartment owners usually have their own system installed, and all you need to do is connect your device. When you come back from your tour or from work meetings, you don’t have to log-in again.

Ideal for Longer Stays

Staying for weeks at a time in a hotel can seriously burn a hole in your wallet. Meanwhile, booking a stay in an apartment for a week or even a month won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, there are some apartment owners who prefer longer-staying clients.

There are times when a hotel is a best or only option. There are also times when money isn’t an issue and you have all the wiggle room in your budget to get a lavish suite. However, if you’re looking for practical accommodations that don’t scrimp on comfort and even give you extra benefits, then an apartment is the way to go.