Working Women’s Secret to Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

Women are synonymous with multi-taskers. They manage work and home like an Ace. Despite their erratic schedule and a countless number of chores to be accomplished in a day, they are still organizing. Quite a surprise!

Women are one-stop-solution at home as well as work. If anything goes wrong, she’s the 911 to your rescue. Regardless of their busy schedules, these working women have to struggle to stay healthy and fit.

Nevertheless, we are happy to reveal here the secret to stay fit and healthy:

With 9 hours to complete at work and many household chores, going to the gym seems to be a dream. Well, if you cannot go to the gym, then bring it to work.

Discussed here are a few desk exercises which you can perform at the office during your breaks:

Shoulder raises

Raises your shoulders towards your ear and hold this posture for 10 seconds. You can opt for a more significant stretch by doing this exercise with one shoulder at a time. Repeat the same with the other shoulder. You can try this exercise five times on each shoulder.

This exercise helps you to release all the tension.

Leg Planks

Sit in your chair with knees bent and feet on the floor. Slowly, spread your left leg out straight such that it is parallel to the floor. Hold the posture for 10 seconds and then go back to your original position. Repeat this with your right leg. You can perform this exercise five times on each leg.

That is the most convenient to exercise at work. I fact, you will strengthen your legs, and no one will even notice!

Back Twist

Sit with your right hand behind your right hip. Twist to the right side and hold this posture for about 10 seconds. Repeat the same on the left side. Try to do this thrice on each side. This fantastic back twist releases all the tension settled in your back.

Foot Drill

Don’t have the time to join the football club and feel that adrenaline rush? Well, you can still enjoy the drill at your workplace by doing this exercise. Sit in your chair and tap your feet for about 20-30 seconds. Try and increase this duration to as long as you can.

Arm Curls

Hold your water bottle or something that weighs similar in your hand. Rest your arms to the sides. Gently, bend them upwards and repeat this exercise. Try to complete three sets and each set comprising of 12 reps on each arm.

Apart from these, you can also do chair dip, chair squats, etc. You can also go for short walks during the break. That helps you to stay fit and you ought to stay healthy too!

Discussed here are a few tips for working women to stay healthy:

A proportionate diet

A healthy lifestyle begins by eating right. You will have to eat healthy food and at the right. It is essential to include all nutrients like minerals, vitamins, calcium, proteins, etc. in your meal. The proportion of these nutrients may vary as per your lifestyle, Body Mass Index, and preferences.

Green veggies, milk, fresh fruits, dry fruits, meat, and fish can be consumed every week. Avoid beverages and food products that have an excess amount of salt, sugar, fats, and high calories in them.

Healthy eating habits allow you to maintain weight as per your Body Mass Index. That saves you from gaining excess weight that can lead to several illnesses.

Try to restrict yourself from unhealthy munchies during breaks. Instead, opt for a healthy alternative like broccoli, celery, carrots, cucumbers coupled with a low-fat yogurt dip.

In case your body is unable to retain the healthy nutrients, then you must take a multivitamin or supplement to balance it. However, you must seek your doctor’s approval for the same.

You can also approach health care services to guide you and plan a healthy diet based on your eating habits and lifestyle.

Restricted consumption of unhealthy drinks

A hectic and stressful lifestyle often finds a resort to bad habits. Women tend to develop the habit of sipping on aerated drinks, excessive consumption of black coffee, and flavored drinks.

If you have developed this habit, then try to decrease their consumption. And, gradually make it an occasional practice rather than a regular one. You might have withdrawal symptoms when you decide to avoid their use. However, these symptoms will fade once you get immune to the new routine.

There are instances wherein women have an extremely stressful work environment, which leads them to alcohol consumption. You can be mindful of your eating and occasionally consume alcohol.

Release stress

Irrespective of their age, every woman goes through stress, and they have different potential to handle it. Some can skimp through stressful situations with a smile on their face while others go through depression.

Regardless of your age and the number of responsibilities you have to shoulder, it would help if you found a healthy way to deal with stress. You can survive through this phase by pursuing a hobby, talking to your friend, maintaining a journal, reading something, consulting a therapist, etc.

Struggling through stress for a long duration can affect your mental as well as physical health. Therefore, make sure that you find a way to cope with this situation in a healthy way.

Meditation, regular exercises, long walks can also help you to shed some of your stress.

Apart from this, women who have crossed the age of 50 must ensure that they go for regular medical check-ups. These regular check-ups ensure that you are in the pink of health even when you retire. That might increase your monthly expenses but can save you from any unexpected illness.


Your mind and body are the essential aspects of your survival. You can achieve all that you want with a healthy mind and body. Therefore, prioritize your health over every responsibility, chore, and project.

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Andy D’Silva

I have been working closely with Dr. Bharat Sangani for quite some time. I have been mostly managing the Health wing of Dr. Sangani’s Health, Wealth, and Wisdom University. As a team, I am enthusiastic about dissipating the importance of healthy life for all the individuals who wish to be part of Dr. Sangani’s university.