Your Guide to Workers Compensation Attorney, Phoenix

When you suffer from an injury during work hours, there are many complications that you may come across. Many people suffer injuries while at work and it ends up having a lasting impact on the rest of their lives. We all know that accidents can happen any time and it is just a matter of seconds that a disaster may hit anyone. Therefore, the authorities have come up with a worker compensation system to help such individuals. With the right workers compensation attorney Phoenix, you can file an appropriate claim and win the compensation you deserve.

Different benefits that you can avail

There are a few different types of benefits that you can avail under the workers compensation law. These include but may not be limited to the following and can vary depending on where you live:

Supplemental job benefits

These cover the training and education that helps you in transitioning into a new job and undertaking the duties. There are instances when you cannot return to your previous role because of an injury or illness that occurred during the work hours. Under these circumstances, you can get your employee to pay for your education or training that can help you transition into a job where you can perform your duties.

Temporary disability

Work-related injuries can lead to temporary disabilities, leaving you unable to work. There are instances when, in such cases, you are entitled to receive at least two-thirds of your income. It can go to minimum or maximum bounds as per the law. A good attorney will help you get the right compensation and maximize the benefits.

Permanent disability

Tough jobs and physical work can sometimes see accidents that lead to permanent disabilities. It can leave you unable to work for the rest of your life. As a doctor determines the disability percentage, it can lead you into a situation where you can file for workers compensation and receive two-thirds of your pay. Also, the other benefits may also come into play but they are subject to your condition and the law.


Paying for healthcare can be very hard. There are times when you suffer from an injury and you would wish to get compensation from your employer. The workers compensation attorney phoenix can help you determine whether you qualify for healthcare compensation. If applicable, they can file for a claim and help you get the money that you can use to pay for your medical bills.

Death benefits

It is a horrific experience to lose someone while they are on the job. On one side, it leaves you devastated emotionally while on the other side it can disturb you financially. So, to come out of the financial troubles, you can file for the claim. The death benefits are available to spouses, children, and anyone else who is dependent upon the deceased. While it is tough to attain the right compensation for such cases, as many factors go into the calculation, a good attorney can help you in reaching the right conclusion.

What to do as you suffer from an injury at work?

Most of the people who suffer from injuries at work end up mishandling the situation. Consequently, they lose the claim as the defendant has many points for the argument. Therefore, you need to assure that you take the right measures if you are to win the claim. So, if you happen to come across an accident at the workplace and end up with an injury, here is what you must do.

Get medical attention

Immediately, call for medical help and get the necessary attention. Ask someone to take you to an emergency and get the essential treatment. There are instances when injuries are not so serious and people try to shake them off and proceed with their work. In such cases, go to your employer and tell him about the situation, asking him to suggest a doctor. Some employers have specific doctors to whom they send their workers when the company is to pay for the treatment.

Report injury to your employer at the earliest

Report the injury to your employer as soon as possible. According to the law, you need to report the injury within 30 days after it happened. Therefore, you should report the incident to your employer at the earliest.

Filing for compensation

Prepare to file for the compensation and fill the form for the claim. After completion, your worker is to file the form with the insurance company and get the payment. To assure that the filing is complete, you can request a copy of the filed form.

Keep a record of all the communication

To stay away from any unwanted trouble, try to keep a record of all the communication. Make sure that you get copies of documents, recordings of phone calls, and note any other important point as you proceed with the claim process.

Get help from professional workers compensation attorney Phoenix

Having trouble getting through with the process if totally alright. Not all the individuals are aware of the nitty gritty details and they have a hard time proceeding with the claims. Therefore, get help from professional workers compensation attorney, Phoenix, to assure that you receive the claims on time.